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You know your designs are brilliant. Do you feel as confident about your home design business?

Kristine Kennedy (she/her)
Business & Brand Strategist

I help enterprising women in the home design industry achieve clarity, confidence, and a custom strategy for upleveling your business.


You've paid for: A classy website. Multiple photo shoots. A very nice social media person. House rentals in High Point. A booth at NY NOW. Local ads.


BUT those investments don't seem to be getting you the high-paying design work you want from the clients you want to work with.

OR maybe you have a cool business idea that amplifies your current brand. Your design friends say to go for it, but you don't know how to make it happen.

OR (like so many creatives I've worked with) you have an established business but never really planned it. You don't know if you're doing it "right." Decisions feel random. You're feeling left behind in the digital world.

AND IF THINGS DON'T CHANGE NOW, you might miss the opportunity. Spend another year in uncertainty. Have all the creative juices sucked out of you. Remain the frazzled, not-best-version of yourself for the people in your life.

I support you in fully stepping into your role as CEO—a visionary who commands the future of your company with conviction and joy.

My three decades of experience in home design include positions with international brands, such as Better Homes and Gardens and Wayfair. I have performed in corporate, start-up, agency, and consultancy environments.

My mission now is to raise up female creatives,
especially those who have been historically excluded from the design industry. I want you to have the business and lifestyle you desire, so you have the money and agency to profoundly influence your world for the better. 

Future you will thank you.

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Imagine the pride of understanding your business so thoroughly that decisions make themselves.

Less struggle. More exhilaration.

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  Get Kristine's words to the wise in the comfort  

  of your own mailbox. Who's in?  

Worth Every Penny and Then Some

Kristine made me feel comfortable and at ease right away, so I could be open and give meaningful answers without holding back. She immediately shifted our mindset from reactive to proactive. Her invaluable guidance helped me look at the bigger picture, making my firm’s business goals, branding, and marketing both cohesive and purposeful. 

RACHEL REIDER, Rachel Reider Interiors
"Best Contemporary Interior Designer 2020," Boston Home Magazine
"Design Star 2021," Modern Luxury Interiors Boston


No Small Thoughts When it Comes to Kristine

Kristine asks you—and helps you answer—the most important questions you can face as a business owner. She is completely invested in your success both personally and professionally and provides the framework for your life and business as you want to run it. She instills confidence in your power to make it a reality. As a small business owner, I am so bogged down in minutiae. As I consider the business at a regional level, Kristine is thinking nationally and already putting the foundation in place to think of it globally.

STACY KUNSTEL, Co-Founder, Dunes and Duchess
Professional Speaker, Emcee, Writer, Stylist


Couldn't Have Gotten There Without Her

Kristine’s strategy sessions crystallized the who/what/where of my business—my new website and brand positioning just attracted a HUGE new project. I’ve also created an additional revenue stream. Because of her experience, Kristine understands designers, the profession, and the technology that’s affecting our industry. Working with her was easy, like business therapy. She asks all the right questions. 

KRISTEN RIVOLI, Kristen Rivoli Interior Design / Rooms by Rivoli
"Design Star 2021," Modern Luxury Interiors Boston
Member, The Leaders of Design Council

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Feeling certain about all future business decisions

Gaining crystal clarity about your next steps

Getting that dream idea off the ground

Only expending energy on activities that boost the bottom line

Structuring your business to support your ideal personal lifestyle

Having a plan for reaching your full artistic and professional potential

Concisely explaining to a potential client how you stand out in your field

Having such a uniquely positioned brand that competition is irrelevant

Increasing your brand's visibility where it counts

Ensuring your brand is relevant in the digital world


Architects          Interior Designers          Retailers 
Landscape Designers         Stylists        Tradespeople 
Design/Builders        Makers        Product Designers


Pivoting Your Business

Brand Strategy

Website and Social Channel Audit

Long-term Vision

Defining Success Metrics


Competitive Analysis


Attracting Clients

Aligning Business with Lifestyle

Unique Value Proposition

Market Analysis

Profit Growth


Thinking Bigger and Bolder

Identifying Your

Ideal Client


Creative Direction


Company Values

During your free consultation video call, I'll help you pinpoint and prioritize your business' most pressing needs. 

Changed My Life Personally and Professionally

Kristine completely changed my outlook. She gave me an understanding of who my audience actually is so I could provide better services to attract more of my target audience, leading to higher profits. Kris also taught me how to say to no. To projects that didn’t make sense for me. To clients that didn’t make sense to work with. I no longer worry about competition at all.

VANESSA FARINO, Founder, Creative Human / Creative Admin
"40 Under 40," Boston Business Journal
"Latino 30 Under 30," El Mundo Boston

Vanessa pic.jpg

Equal parts left and right brain, I've spent my entire career providing both practical structures to creatives and creative vision to business bosses. 


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1-day strategy session

For when you need support—fast—on one major aspect of your business. We'll make decisions, set priorities, and you'll walk away with a strategic action plan you can implement immediately. Includes:
• Consultation call
• Discovery activities and analysis
• 3-hour morning Zoom meeting
• Action plan received same day
• Two weeks of followup email support
• 30-minute followup meeting



4-month mentorship

For when you need a design business BFF to hold space for you while you implement a major change. In this mentorship, I am your guide, confidant, accountability partner, outside expert, instructor, and cheerleader. Sometimes therapist. Includes:
• Consultation call
• Discovery activities and analysis
• Weekly 90-minute Zoom calls for first two months
• Bi-weekly 60-minute Zoom calls for second two months
• 4 months of email support



12-month group program

For when you finally commit to creating a prosperous future by elevating your business to what you know it can be. Step into your full professional potential among a supportive, intimate group of high-caliber business owners who have been handpicked for this program. My year will be dedicated to every aspect of your success.


Get notified when applications and program
details become available. 

Boom! This is Why She's a Bad Ass

Working with Kris for even a single session proved to be invaluable. Her knack for listening with intention and finding the right questions delivers remarkable insight. I was surprised by how quickly Kris was able to navigate the challenges I was facing in making important decisions as a business owner. We quickly got to the heart of the matter which was less about what I originally thought and much more about how decisions were framed. Kris is not only very organized, professional, and polished. She is approachable and kind without sacrificing the ability to be direct—a necessary element in business.

KATHRYN CHAPLOW, Kathryn Chaplow Interior Design / Kathryn Chaplow Collect

KC 02.jpeg

We Highly Recommend Her Services

We hired Kristine to help us develop our brand guide, which included both visual and content direction. She has a great arsenal of exercises that really helped us focus on who we are as a company, as well as our target audience. We were accepted by major newsstands across the state based on our brand guide alone. She’s professional, creative, and a tireless advocate for you and your mission.

SANDRA CASAGRAND, Founder and CEO, Exhale Lifestyle Media
Chief Marketing Officer, Banner Publications Inc.

Sandra Casagrand.jpg

Working in the design business has made me really good at design. And business.

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Little did I know after pounding the pavement as a newspaper reporter in LA, it would be my sewing and decorative painting skills that would cinch my job at Meredith Corporation, the publisher of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. 

In the nearly 30 years since then, I've had experience with most facets of branding, marketing, storytelling, retail, revenue, e-commerce, strategic planning, creative direction, partnerships, huge corporations and innovative emerging companies.

As a colleague once said of me, I can "take the 30,000-foot view, then zoom down into the details." That's where you come in.

I see the big picture, but what I really care about is you.

I am happiest when I can help other women get what they want.
Usually that's money. But not always. Sometimes it's notoriety.
Sometimes flexibility. Control. Respect. And sometimes it's a
future brimming with thrilling creative projects. I'm almost
always able to facilitate your success. And if I think
I can't, I will tell you.

If you're more of a LinkedIn CV type,

you can check me out here.

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Meanwhile, here are some bits and bobs:

For work, have visited neighborhoods and shops

in places as diverse as Houston, Boise, the Hamptons, Montreal, Savannah, suburban Ohio,

La Jolla. But I've never been to Atlanta. Can you believe that? 

Learned that when you meet people like Oscar

de la Renta and everyone else is wearing crazy-expensive Prada, you wear vintage. It looks cool and they can't place it.


Have finagled White House security clearance for drivers delivering 40 poinsettias in the perfect peach color, to replace 40 poinsettias which were not the perfect peach color. Designers, I get you.

You should also know that I'm nice. And non-judgy. Some people think I'm funny.


I look forward to meeting you!


Kristine Kennedy, CEO



For decades, more than 40 million people regularly engaged with my written and visual content.


Have seen the insides of thousands of homes all across North America.


Advised Lowe's business development department on connecting with a new demographic when they opened their first urban stores in Manhattan.


Built a career on wrangling creatives. Double Gemini? Bring it. Also, computer engineers are some of the most creative people I know.


Have wheeled my breast pump all over High Point.


Went to grad school for war strategy, prevention, and resolution--alongside lots of military and diplomatic folks. Macro, micro, international economics? Check.


At Wayfair, developed an influencer-driven blog while overseeing the build-out of a custom engineered content management system.

Been in the website and email newsletter game since the '90s. 

KK_shadowK_web SMALLER.png


Clicking the Book a Call button will take you to my online calendar. Schedule a 30-minute Zoom call for a time that's convenient for you. 

After you schedule a time slot, I'll email you a questionnaire to gather some basic info. 

During our confidential meet-and-greet Zoom call, we'll discuss your business challenges and aspirations, as well as your options for working with me. No pressure. You're in the driver's seat.

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  It doesn't have to end here.  
  Sign up for my newsletter!  

Catch me on Instagram @kristinekennedystrategy

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